An overabundance of souls …

I do not believe in God or any other mystical entity, creature, power source, etc., and I’ll make no effort to mask it, hide it, distort it, or spin it. I mention this, since it is mostly irrelevant to the general theme of this post, to make sure it is clear. Given that, what I am about to write has nothing to do with proving or disproving anything, it is simply a question.

So one has to ask, if human beings are occupied by souls (and I won’t consider the possibility of any other animals fitting the same category), why is it the number of humans are increasing? What causes a soul to decide “I want to leave whatever state I am in,” and why, as time passes, do more decide to take the leap?

Will the overcrowding from Earth be a problem in Heaven too? And why are these souls exiting from Heaven to spend a relatively short lifetime proving their worth to enter back there? Presumably, the souls aren’t coming from hell.

However, there is always the possibility that new souls are being created, but does that not beg the question “Why?”

Just more notes, thoughts from my unrequited curiosity.