The Challenge ~ a poem

It was a challenge
To describe what I could not possibly have known
Profundity is a vice for the tattered soul
I stand here unscathed

So I abandoned the endeavor
And wandered alone
Through desert
Through rain
Vetoed disdain, vetoed pain

Somewhere something would exalt
Or justify my view
My marvelous journey
To unveil the profound

Yes! Indeed!
I could find the truths of a life well lived
I just have to find a hell to endure

But to stand on the podium
Is to admire
To win, is to achieve
Or at least to aspire

Oh proximity she taunts me.

And what I seek is what would promote me to seeker
So to what do I strive if I am not yet prepared

How do I tell the story when I stand still
My mind rots with the hope I digest

And the simplest task overwhelms.

Is there greatness in me?
There will be …
And when that day comes
All of us will see
It is already here, or it will never be.